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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about us? Just checkout our most frequently asked question to get more info

  • Can i Create Multiple Account?

    No you do not allow to create more than one account!

  • How Can i Withdraw?

    Create an account in faucetpay.io to take instant withdraw.

  • Can I Use Multiple Wallet to Take Withdraw?

    Yes, you can.

  • Can i Use VPN?

    VPN or Proxy is not allowed at all.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal?

    Only 0.01 USD Is the minimum withdraw!

  • Do I Need To Invest To Earn or Withdraw?

    No you don't need to invest at all.

Payment Proof

All recent payment taken by our users listed below.

# Username Address Amount
8943Boying771CYT9AE1av7G7ve9VJDdvJqVTRbjVrFxKp0.014821 USD
8942byasnarayan1gZe95kUudsWqUsMm3wgnMXURWDEMv6gd0.030621 USD
8941adammaulana1NMwjb7B4MS95gBuREELhfuc8sf3JhycA30.0209 USD
8940irinca3PmwJpxsYF77CP82Xa4rvL3M2j9FuwH2eB0.0504 USD
8939AofzeroTDMnnrAXYn4CMEpE3D21hfdfbyGyteofyB0.030233 USD
8938riteshseth99137owwS6T2XPuHv8VVZUFZDDNp7p7p1vS40.01 USD
8937SatoshiTL7UPoPeFCfSXrzEm9kb782KuURZSuoker0.012177 USD
8936Ismail781H4DPnfFZxB2Gq1BavwbDRVw3CmjVCfzgw0.0107 USD
8935agungaml1EnWdirJX64r8kBAHLXGJE26zREsSrsS5b0.01101 USD
8934SatoshiTL7UPoPeFCfSXrzEm9kb782KuURZSuoker0.012521 USD
8933Radhi1H6KCUxniqRyAuxZ3STuBMpKD6Mg76XgtE0.01 USD
8932DADANG1ABqAY847aTeGS7nUt5SN4wZnAzTuaPHNw0.010637 USD
8931priya1511BL2XUZEw54bx97FjPRzSW1qazNt1CYxo20.013429 USD
8930Rahul978211H8ooq3hhYShvYchPamLjKsq3uyhPF4Bw20.0198 USD
8929seringinsetu1KH23osFYsERsrpjQGjnEKpL5g4aAB4dNS0.012921 USD
8928denigeraTYUPZWND5nEEWTSEdJbuMcuDDT2w9CNEon0.032568 USD
8927Ilhamhamkam15xjVNmsLDrsKq5jd8BYnbUpxqQoh7dQBh0.0206 USD
8926Jyankidevi7861ARJyQLFF5AAC31yUnz6Uf78vb5jN57ToM0.0108 USD
8925Asepcahya1GnbDyeWxWiiPigBt3wMjdjmznGJoiin8b0.0146 USD
8924Manasa51DVktYTa4kC1sK3YZdaKk5n86TVELbmEUK0.0106 USD

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