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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about us? Just checkout our most frequently asked question to get more info

  • Can i Create Multiple Account?

    No you do not allow to create more than one account!

  • How Can i Withdraw?

    Create an account in faucetpay.io to take instant withdraw.

  • Can I Use Multiple Wallet to Take Withdraw?

    Yes, you can.

  • Can i Use VPN?

    VPN or Proxy is not allowed at all.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal?

    Only 0.01 USD Is the minimum withdraw!

  • Do I Need To Invest To Earn or Withdraw?

    No you don't need to invest at all.

Payment Proof

All recent payment taken by our users listed below.

# Username Address Amount
25832AuliaMaya[email protected]0.0178 USD
25831talash895TYZc3i355yL8iNuMEPGoz33WVpbdcjEtia0.036 USD
25830Mzf1231CbnxPeyZsFqp2hUZE5LovByFGEjapF8wG0.016242 USD
25829Thang1997[email protected]0.044 USD
25828Tinabhm13VdZ5SyQhAhWwWU9dMaRStP3GduiYZWju0.080166 USD
25827sharma121217j85WDH2FQt2mUpjnEvWj4yrZk56RS5zZ0.015494 USD
25826Ahmadtanvir1KYxXE9MAkzZbmrSyGc2TFzHiPC7vCgZyY0.0125 USD
25825Yatno07MK3TKFcgLmNS6ayYDfVcSbFUecfrEw1MBm0.01323 USD
25824Ardhendu101HsRufieANZfCRL35wzq9LJjsGD6Fq8jtA0.02033 USD
25823Raihanalfrd1EhtoYErboE3bnZSkJP7DR3zu4YvQbjRBE0.0427 USD
25822Nhnurulbc1qq9kerxzz2h964rsg4sac0zkzxdq24pqlseyjfe0.01055 USD
25821sujeetmanwalTVAgBGF1wHpgzbFvNP4barv8tczsAde9BD0.01516 USD
25820msapinibc1qmzl24vkezu0z0dsv4y8j2lalyyr35e9k5kqprv0.01 USD
25819astigar1Lskhhyy66jFFAoy6oAGFaEMjVNkZBdgbt0.01424 USD
25818Rahmat16hUYAtMkHAPbVGD3dNftcskcTduofwZKf0.01203 USD
25817kokoko12eUvBaGAc3H5L9BvDgNcKbqX3MuZn5jFK0.13152 USD
25816Maun258157FQh5onvXGeGdeLo8z9qNFNMm34fwJfa0.011212 USD
25815Unyud13EruM1uedHJDA2g7VxqCQj7qSmRGXfzN10.0369 USD
25814des6281MD2tixQHidU2AXbaXbVnYQNxNubJ4Genw0.013456 USD
25813silver21HJbKo9Dp9AJUoiYXCX2jiMnqxVvZuHZR50.0126 USD

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