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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about us? Just checkout our most frequently asked question to get more info

  • Can i Create Multiple Account?

    No you do not allow to create more than one account!

  • How Can i Withdraw?

    Create an account in faucetpay.io to take instant withdraw.

  • Can I Use Multiple Wallet to Take Withdraw?

    Yes, you can.

  • Can i Use VPN?

    VPN or Proxy is not allowed at all.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal?

    Only 0.01 USD Is the minimum withdraw!

  • Do I Need To Invest To Earn or Withdraw?

    No you don't need to invest at all.

Payment Proof

All recent payment taken by our users listed below.

# Username Address Amount
15985Hendro751M4xRAkPDSEZ7Gif9FzghNKiehy6bpVUck0.031353 USD
15984Gedemayun95MScGPPBgTdpgTYfqmpBgnbb7rsNx8WKPiE0.0102 USD
15983Lili18201Jb1GCFtH41CcQv1zHXadco32mfNPLr1920.050132 USD
15982Yatna221LC8PRNC1e65eLDN9W3T9nbc4jj7GMo4y80.014333 USD
15981iwank17TYsyPrCCQLooYEYs3xyExK77ZqyMLQhAMv0.025374 USD
15980diansyah14[email protected]0.0114 USD
15979Sandi13bc1qdqgtp2nrlxfepwx8n3htzk975ks9x7wqqv65830.0194 USD
15978Opel123MTGz2RrKmFBqGURe2xgnaKYZZhfS2z6bhA0.0102 USD
15977Ab142Ab1421ADDKjbtXZrZghuzDKP5AgJVrXvJzfGFpG0.01 USD
15976lombertofealMDaD7SFLAnUMZdzsyU5hAkpEJJPkSDdFps0.01 USD
15975YNiekACltc1q89wyhmc77p972jq4wzx8ptgnf6th6nhlh67x9r0.01021 USD
15974RashoTTQZ7sZwicNvdRsWRzpr6nBgBr7grGgmXR0.01068 USD
15973barabas7771Fjtt8fqNRWAJnKtemeo3HLU4bUABJeykB0.010366 USD
15972DaniieMB7DLjNY1UxRpbfATWsnVtkU7DbGbKcQqo0.0106 USD
15971molly1HqVZam5K2Sv88WQgckuMJ6JMD4Gxx3C4g0.0234 USD
15970jhaaseelMLufYUbon2QorZzzwbciJk8dR4mH61ZL110.0114 USD
15969Yatno071KLW2MXyEwGaUcbVBALL2xN42XEDwfT5Hx0.01202 USD
15968Popy85MXCFWVEeTFK3nbueR9xMti2qD36yVUUCxA0.0174 USD
15967SultanAgus1FLDac7kTiQQq5Zn2aKvHkdhB1T7igjSQP0.01033 USD
15966iLham15018815fFVxa8JH5SwB7ZRQ83Waq5JYdJp5qSqT0.021642 USD

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